Technology and Application of PET

PET Basics and Performance

Introduction to Polymers and PET

Various aspects of chemistry and polymer structure and how these can affect performance attributes.

PET Industry Overview, Manufacture and Properties

Part two of the materials series reviews current suppliers and how PET is used to make not just bottles but fibers, filaments and sheet goods.

Polymer to Preform

Part three of the materials series looks at the attributes of bottle grade PET materials and how properties can be altered.

PET Preform to Bottle

Part four of the materials series describes the importance of developing strain-hardened crystals during blow molding to produce bottles with optimum properties.

Container Design and Development

Container design basics and how to predict package performance.

Preform Design

Designing preforms to place the right amount of material in the correct container location.

Barrier Container Technology

Barrier technologies which increase the performance of rigid plastic containers.

PET Recycling

Overview of recycling methods used to reclaim PET and considerations for introducing rPET into new packages.

PET Processing

Material Handling & Drying

How to properly transfer PET material and the importance of drying.

Blow Molding Processing

Different ways to blow PET containers and the steps used to control the process.

Preform Heating

How to reheat a preform before blowing it into a bottle and how to reduce variation between blown bottles.

Blow Molding Machine Practical

Live demonstration of blow molding process changes and examination of the results in the bottles produced.

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